Saturday, September 26, 2009

Garden of the Gods and Pike's Peak

I arrived in Colorado Springs in time for Friday Rush Hour. I didn't know they had much traffic there. When I got to my pet friendly hotel, I realized I had forgotten my bathing suit and the cord to download pictures to the computer. Oh well! The boys were very good and watched TV while I went to Zio's Italian Restaurant close to the hotel. I had Shrimp Lemone that was absolutely wonderful. It was shrimp, artichokes, fresh tomatoes and mushrooms in a Lemone sauce on angel hair pasta. Absolutely to die for! And a glass of house white wine
In the morning, the boys and I did our thing, and then went to the liquor store and got a case of Vendange white merlot at ABQ prices. That was a great surprise. Now to find Carman at the Garden of the Gods RV campground. Garmin couldn't find the satelites so I was on my own. I got a little off track when I was so close, but I stopped at the Chamber of Commerce and he directed me a few blocks down the street. The sign was somewhat hidden, so I didn't really feel too bad about missing it.
I was worried about the boys destroying Carman's RV, but they adjusted, sort of, but I still wasn't ready to leave them on their own, so we took them to the Garden of the Gods with us. While trying to follow the map, we got lost and ended up outside the Garden, and decided to go to lunch. Another great meal: beer-battered cod with fresh veggies and home fries. Carman had a micro-brewed beer and I had a glass of Chardonnay. When we got back to the car, Tux had laid some toosie rolls on the floor of the driver's side. After I cleaned that up, we went back to the Garden and had a great time climbing the rocks and taking more pictures.
Carman didn't get much of a break of dog care, because he helped me walked the dogs. I told him he needed his own dog. Saturday we did the Cog Railway. It was interesting, but not the picture-taking opportunity that I thought. It was cold and muddy at the top, but I did get some good pictures. On the way down, it was our turn to ride backward which didn't do my motion-sensitive stomach any good. To top things off, diesel fumes were blowing in. I was positively green by the time we pulled into the station. I was praying that the boys hadn't destroyed the RV, but the only thing they did was accidentally turn on the radio LOUD. Carman cooked us some delicious ribs with baked potatoes. The next morning we headed back to NM.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life is Good

I checked out the Elephant Butte Balloon Regatta last weekend and have pictures to prove it. When Gary and I had Loftus & Company Land Surveyors, we sponsored Pat and Dennis Eker for almost 10 years, and I have T-shirts to prove it. It was a really great time, so this weekend was rather nostalgic. My friends Deb Peters and Carman Belviso joined me.

So in the morning, I'm off to Colorado Springs and will share pictures with you of the Garden of the Gods and Pike's Peak. I'm traveling with two cannines, so will probably have to take some pictures of them. However, I'm joining my friend Carman, so he might be in some also.