Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sorry for the technical interruption. I thought the tower was the most interesting part of the church. The bottom picture is a train building that might be on private property and maybe not, because the railroad track is across the street. Gary and I always wanted to take one of those buildings and convert to a house. Didn't happen, but we had a great life anyway!

Last Weekend

I guess I forgot I was supposed to post sunrises and sunsets. I don't take too many sunsets because of the utility poles, and I posted my sunrises on Facebook. This past weekend I spent in Albuquerque visiting my family before I take off for my winter vacation. On the way home, I stopped in San Antonio and took pictures along the bosque and anything else that caught my fancy. It was a fun afternoon.

When I was cropping this picture, I noticed the real "star" in the bottom left corner. But, getting back to the two-leggers: Tammy, me, Marty and Sky. Tammy showed Sue and I her pictures from Germany and Amsterdam. Really interesting!

I guess this is the picture Sky put on FB. None of us can do without our sunglasses. It was a gorgeous day with my gorgeous girls. Poor Marty had to put up with us along with the dogs who alternately wanted attention and to be left alone.

Parker and Tuxedo love to pose.

Susie's spectacular mums. I also took pictures with my ipad, but I'll post them later.

Now on to San Antonio.

The clouds were wispy things.

I did some creative post-processing on this one. Learning something new every day is what life is all about.

These cottonwood trees will be brilliant gold and orange on a couple of weeks. Perhaps I'll be able to find some in Sabino Canyon.

I don't know what this that attached itself to this dying cottonwood. Would like some input if anyone knows. Maybe a wasp nest?

No signs to identify the church. Maybe it's non-denominational.