Sunday, December 23, 2012

At Home in Arizona

On December 1, or there about, I moved into my new place at Mission View RV Resort. Ginny, Linda and Colin are more or less responsible for this move, and I'm very thankful. I think Marshall and Tux like it too. The clubhouse is really nice and boasts an indoor pool and spa which I have yet to try.

My new acquisition came with bedroom furniture, a huge television, and a washer and dryer. I've never had a complete bedroom suite, just a combination of antiques. The TV is going to Goodwill, and I'll deal with replacing it after the holidays. As you all know, I'm not a TV watcher. The laundry equipment is fairly new and front-loading.

Just empty space. Need to visit the furniture store.

The boys have a completely fenced yard, but Marshall figured out how to unlatch the gate, so now it's bungee-corded. They think they're in jail. Poor babies!

This was the craft fair put on by the park to raise money for one of their charities. All the craft-makers are extremely talented. The fellow with the Arizona tee shirt on is my neighbor Steve. He and his wife Mary live next door. He and a fellow named John (whose wood art is displayed in the next picture) helped me and Ginny unload the U-Haul last Sunday. Only a week ago. Wow! Mary had back surgery last Tuesday and seems to be doing well.

This is my Christmas angel. Her lights blink off and on. I love that crazy old Christmas tree. Gary won it at a Rotary silent auction. It was covered with tools. It's completely indestructible.

My furniture came on Thursday. The bed for the guest room won't be delivered until the end of the month.Those of you who have promised to visit me please make note of that.

Marshall is looking all pissed off, because he's tested the furniture to see if it's comfortable, and been told that's a NO-NO.