Monday, April 15, 2013

Sabino Canyon

Before I tell you about my adventure in Sabino Canyon, I must share some sights that I encounter on my morning walks in the park.

I'm starting to notice more rose bushes, and they bloom so beautifully in the desert.

And, of course, the cactus are starting to bloom also.

A couple Saturdays ago I was looking forward to meeting up with a 55+ group for an outing in Sabino Canyon. I got there a little early to be on the look out for someone from my group. I meet the lady pictured below named Barbara sitting on a bench by the ticket booth for the tram. As we talked about the group were meeting up with I had a funny feeling that this wasn't necessarily my group. I was meeting 5 or 6 other people and there were at least 15 in this one. Oh well, maybe a bunch if people decided to come at the last minute. I wasn't carrying water, because I always feel that my camera is more important, besides there are fountains at each stop on the route. When we got to stop number 9, the group said they were hiking 4.5 miles farther, the first leg looked like straight up to me. Oh we don't go fast, and they insisted that I com along. About a half mile up they realized I didn't have any water and agreed with my suggestion that I turn back. Barbara insisted on going with me; I don't think she was really keen on the hike anyway.

This what I saw on the way down, which is a long way down.

This is where we stopped to watch some families with their kids playing in the ice cold stream. When I got home, I had email from the group I was supposed to be with wondering where I was. They sent several pictures of them hiking along the stream and playing in the water. They are scheduled for an outing at Mt. Lemon in a couple weeks. I hope I finally get to meet them.

A BLAST FROM THE PAST! That's me in 1958 in roughly the same place. Fred had to be standing in the water to get that picture. It was August or September, so I'm sure it felt good.

The Continuing Saga

Thanks to Tammy and Bob, we got my last load from Elephant Butte unloaded, set up, and pictures and bells hung. And my yard art placed temporarily. I need to work on that flower bed after the wind quits blowing.

These were my purchases from the Mes Swap Meet. I want to go back again and see more; maybe take two whole days, and do it right.

Saturday evening we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant in Green Valley and had a fabulous meal. The next morning we attended a standing room only Mass at San Xavier del Bac. I never tire of taking pictures of the mission, and with my iphone. What's this world coming to?

No pictures of my major players; perhaps next time.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

More Adventures

Wow! My girlfriend Norma is here, but not without complications. It seems that she did something to her back on the way down, but feels she can work through it. So we relax and catch up and I make arrangements for the boyz to go to the kennel for the first time. The next day we head for the giant swap meet in Mesa, which was the one thing Norma really wanted to do on her visit. Great success as far as purchases are concerned, but Norma is failing due to the pain in her back, more upper shoulder. We check into a motel by the grace of God, because there is a Renaissance Festival going on right down the road. I dose her up with Aleve and Bengay, and then I explore and bring back food for the evening meal. Marge and Ramsey are to meet us the next morning at Village Inn. Those Canadians really know how to giggle! looking forward to next year now that I know where they live. Ramsey and I are former Rotarians.

On the trip back to Tucson, I told Norma about what we could see without too much trouble. I took her to A Mountain and she had so much fun taking pictures that she forgot her pain for a while. Here are Norma and I posing and a backdrop off the mountain.

After Norma left for Wellton to take care of her back problems, I left for Elephant Butte to sell antiques. While I'm in Walmart in T or C, My cousin Carol calls with the announcement that they are in Amarillo headed my way. What fun! When they arrive, Larry is too tired to go to the bar, so Carol and I have a girls night out with the promise of either breakfast or lunch the next day. Knowing Carol, it's lunch at Sierra del Rio golf course. Next stop was to see the Butte. Ran into a fellow rv'er who took this picture for us. Then we met later that evening at the bar. This time Larry participating. Why didn't I know this was going to be trouble. He should write novels with the stories he dreamed up about that night. His basketball team won :(

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I'm selling things. This was the family kitchen table from 1965, and if it could talk the stories it could tell. Betty Welty of the ranching family bought it. Friday Tammy came to help me load what I wanted to take back to Tucson. Cindi showed up to rachet it down, then we went to the Inn to meet Deb. Another girls night out. Is there a pattern here?

More to come; I'm just trying to catch up.