Thursday, September 19, 2013

San Francisco in August

It's been 33 years since I've been to San Francisco. Gary and I came here on our honeymoon in 1980. Kate graciously offered to give me the tour, so we loaded Aliana, Domino,and all the necessary extras. It was an absolutely ideal day: high 60's and bright sunshine. 

Would loved to have taken the time to walk the bridge, but we were cramming enough into the day as it was. The idea is to beat the traffic, both morning and afternoon, so that leaves a limited window of opportunity.

The city with the Oakland Bay Bridge in the top left. They were opening the new span after Labor Day weekend. I wish I had made an effort to go over there and get some shots.

Pier 39 is the new Fisherman's Wharf. I could have spent the whole day visiting the shops and restaurants. The three below are the ones that interested me the most.

Just practicing perspective and leading lines.

I could watch these guys all day. What noisy critters! A lot of scars from their many battles. The pigeons and sea gulls were having a fine day also.

Big Boat to go FAST around the bay and give the tourists a thrill.

Beautiful tall ship!

Palace of Fine Arts: what an incredible place! I have a lot of pictures that I'll share later. Kate, Domino, and Alaina posing. Domino is not a dog; he's a person in a dog suit. Probably a lot more well-mannered than some people. My newest granddaughter is such a good traveler and incredibly beautiful. More pictures to post of her too.