Sunday, August 26, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

My rving friend Judy Dill came to visit last Thursday on her way to Benson. After she got set up at the Elephant Butte Lake RV Resort, we went across the street and had lunch at the Inn. The skies opened up and we had a monsoon shower while we eating. That evening at Happy Hour we made plans to go to White Sands National Monument and tour a little bit of Las Cruces, time permitting.

Judy took some pictures with her iphone, and I had my trusty Nikon.

She got a picture of me taking pictures; imagine that!

Writing on the gypsum: a new form of petroglyph.

The clouds were hanging below the mountains to the east.

Returned to Las Cruces where we had lunch at the Olive Garden. After lunch we found two geocaches in the parking lot, and also got a virtual one at White Sands. Now I have a total of six. Judy has over 800!

While waiting for Deb to join us for Happy Hour, we played dueling iphones on the patio.

The boys had to get in on the act.

Yesterday morning Judy and I went for a walk and had breakfast at Hodges. While she was running errands, I noticed that one of my new cacti was blooming again, and Mr. Lizard was headed for the roof for some reason.

We got together at her rig later for Happy Hour and dinner of salmon, salad, and brussel sprouts. Got to eat healthy! This was the view of Turtleback Mountain from her site.

Judy in serious thought.

She carries her garden in her car. I used to carry flowers.

This is her rig. She has been full-timing for six years.

We'll be meeting up again in Brenda, AZ this winter and have tentative plans to caravan to Alaska next summer. Thank you God for good friends and good times.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We're going to try this again. Sorry for the interruption. I couldn't resist this big hunk of chrome.

License plate.

I think this a 1937 Ford Phaeton. Fred and I had one in Hawaii, but it didn't look anything like this. It was just a beat up old car to get around the island with.

I started the day taking pictures at the golf course, because Turtleback was completely enshrouded with clouds. This is two shots of a huge decorative jar. One looks like there's smoke coming from it.


While Cindi and I were relaxing with a glass of wine on the front patio, Woody woodpecker put on a show for us.

End of adventures for now!

Dam Car Show

Last Saturday, Cindi and and I went to the car show, BBQ, and blues band extravaganza at the Dam Site restaurant and marina. The weather was cloudy, but the cars were still shiny and fun. I didn't label them according to make, so you'll have to rely on your own expertise.

The little guy on the dash!

Call it what you want: I call it UGLY.

This the Tweety Bird truck. Too cute!

A little bit of creativity!

Sorry, just encountered a google problem.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Deb's Birthday Month

My friend Deb Peters is the only person I know who celebrates her birthday all month long. It has turned out to be kind of a fun joke. At the first part of August, we went to Las Cruces to shop. I suggested that we do lunch at the Double Eagle in Old Mesilla, and since she had never been there, it was my chance to play tour guide. Here are some shots from inside the restaurant.

This is the church. We toured some of the shops. I thought the dressed up bear was cute.

Then we went to a huge pottery place and curious Deb (notice the tip-toes) was trying to see inside the pot. When she saw the camera, I caught a smile.

I forgot to mention that while we having lunch she told the waiter that it was her birthday this month, so he promptly returned with a gift certificate for Sunday brunch. That's the reason for our return trip last Sunday. We also had a good time at Toucan's, the health food store. Here are some more pics of the dining rooms.

That's quite a balcony. Can't you just see some turn of the century patrons dining up there?

Notice the young lady contemplating the picture.

And here's the birthday girl enjoying her mimosa!

There were vendors on the plaza when we left the restaurant, so Deb decided to pick up a couple Christmas presents. She so good about that sort of thing. She has a very lucky family. And she was generous to the mariachis also!