Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tumacacori and Tubac

Tubac is a mission encampment full of history, art galleries, and craft shops. This a shot of the museum schoolroom and St. Anne's Church.

The people who run this museum do an excellent job. The tour is self-guided with excellent information and displays like the work area above.

Then I went down the road to Tumacacori, a similar settlement. This time we had a wonderful in-the-flesh guide. This is the church that was never really finished. I have lots of pictures of the inside, but I found I was more interested in the buildings and ruins outside.

This is the garden where we met our guide.

Naturally I found the flowers fascinating.

Pretend you've gone back in time and these are your windows that you're looking through.

The picture above was more ruins. The coloration of the stucco makes it almost look like a painting.

This is the inside of a mortuary. The architecture was particularly compelling. The bottom picture is a close-up of the hole that line up with some holes or windows in other buildings.

A storage area complete with pots but, of course, no roof.

I definitely want to visit this area again. I didn't see everything there was to see.