Saturday, June 8, 2013

Back in Time

So I'm on a nostalgia trip. About two weeks ago, on my way to a photography meet-up, there was an accident at the corner of Miracle Mile and Oracle Highway. As I'm sitting drumming my fingers on the steering wheel, I looked to my right. I saw that big sign that said Sunland Motel. It was one of those OMG moments. That was the motel that Fred and I stayed at back in 1958 when we landed in Tucson. And so I said to Myself, "We're going to have to go back and take some before and after pictures. I never take pictures at the optimum time of day, so bear with me. I photo-shopped them the best I could.

The buildings have been kept up on the outside. I don't know if they up-dated anything on the inside. The area that is gravel used to be grass as is so much of the landscaping in the Southwest over the past 50 years.

I knew this cemetery was across the street, but the street didn't seem that big and naturally the trees weren't that big. This was close to Memorial Day weekend and it was extremely well-tended.

This is the office. When I arrived, I was very nervous and decided that the best thing to do was approach the management and tell them what I was doing. Oh, I mean, ask their permission. It was an Indian couple and I don't know whether they were owners or managers, although most I've encountered in my travels are owners. At any rate. she said she'd be interested in seeing the pictures from 1958, so I asked for her email and said I'd oblige.

These are kitchenettes and the one on the right was ours. We stayed here for probably two weeks while Fred was looking for a job. Now, they are rented probably by the month, because the locals have told me that this is considered the Red Light District. What am I doing here? Just another adventure!

The lovely pool has been filled in and grated. What a waste!

So here we are back in August 1958. That's my children's father and I. I think you can see the grass in front of the units. I believe the owners had an Oldsmobile, that red and white behind us. Very popular back in the day!

Here I am in the pool. The woman in the two piece is the owner. The lady to her left is the mother of the girl in the pool with me. That's our '53 Olds at the end of the pool. Thank God the mountains in the background haven't changed. They are just as beautiful as ever.