Sunday, September 7, 2008


Before landing in Tucumcari on Friday evening, I discovered that Marshall had eaten his leash. How am I to walk this beast? Not to worry, Mom. I love you. He was a perfect gentleman. After all, he knows who feeds him. On the way to Elephant Butte yesterday I took pictures of the black-eyed Susans taking over the high desert. Not to worry again. When I arrived home, they had taken over Marshall's west 4o of the property. It's good to be home. From emails and correspondence in route, I'll have a busy week. One of the pictures is of "a weed" in the front yard that was quite beautiful. As of tomorrow, it's history. As I was checking out my pictures, I forgot some of the wild flowers I shot along the way on Friday. I guess I need to get a book to identify them. I just can't pass up beautiful flowers. Mom always said that I had to marry a florist or a doctor to take care of my bronchial asthma. My sccond husband Gary the surveyor measured the land and all its flowers. When we were out on a job, he hated it when I would pick up "pretty" rocks for my garden. Needless to say, I thank God for my wonderful life!

Friday, September 5, 2008

This picture is in the woods on Bernie's property. I couldn't resist the beautiful wild ferns.

Yesterday I drove from Jackson, TN to Henryetta, OK. The weather finally cleared after lunch. Most of the rain was only drizzle. No opportunity to take pictures. I have to get the oil changed in the truck. Luckily there's a Pennzoil place up the street. I saw the strangest thing in Russellville, AK. There's a thing that looks like a nuclear power facility that was spewing smoke all over. If it hadn't been drizzling, the effect of the smoke would have been more pronounced. Many years ago on a cross-country trip with Tess Lopez in the RV, we attempted to stay at a state park on the lake adjacent to the facility. The smell in the water was too awful to stay. If this is the way this facility operates, I can't believe the residents don't complain. Darn, I should have taken a picture, but again there was no opportunity to stop. Marshall is just going to have to learn to take pictures. On Wednesday for dinner, I made my green bean, tuna and tomato salad with my sister's home-grown green beans and tomatoes. The green beans were awesome. Thanks, Diane. I'm looking forward to another one tonight.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I forgot to mention the really great dinner I had Tuesday at Beef O'Brady's in LaGrange, Ky. It was a black and bleu burger with 2 onion rings and lettuce and tomatoe on a toasted bun. Very tasty. Yesterday was wild and crazy. I went through a monsoon outside of Louisville. It was terribly puckering. On 65 south, a young woman going north crossed the grass median in front of 3 semi's and me and ended up on our right bank. I'll never forget the look on her face. I guess angels were watching over us. Then there were the two fat ladies stuffing their faces in the left lane going under the speed limit. I'm surprised one of the truckers didn't try to run them off the road. I'll be leaving Jackson, TN hopefully not running into too many storms. I've been watching the weather channel trying to get a heads-up on the storms. My experience from yesterday is too fresh in my mind. There are a lot of hurricane survivors at this motel. When we get out of this rain, I hope to take some more pictures.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tonight Marshall and I are 20 miles east of Louisville, KY. It is hot and humid; something we have not suffered the whole trip. Garmina did an excellent job getting me here. I guess I'm learning to understand her better. I'm working on Humane Society issues as I travel so I'll be up to speed when I get home. I haven't picked my route for tomorrow yet; whatever it is, I hope it's picture-worthy. I'm being a little backward. This morning Diane and I had a tearful parting; Lily gave me a hug before she left for her first day in third grade. I should have taken her picture; she looked so sweet! I just had to post this picture of Annabelle in the pool Sunday. We all had so much fun.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I had a fantastic weekend. On Saturday I had my Sharon High School reunion and took some pictures of people at my table and my cousin Teddy Snyderwine and his wife Darla. On Sunday, John and Diane had a picnic and a lot of his family was in attendance. There are pictures as proof. Today we did nothing but play in the pool.