Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Tire Adventure

Near Upper Sandusky, Ohio, the left front tire on the Tracker blew. A state trooper showed up before the tire guy and put out three flares behind the coach and gave me a dispatch number to call if the tire guy didn't show soon. No problem, and he had it done quickly.

This was taken with  my new iphone. Such an amazing toy. I made it to Van Wert, OH, which is only 25 miles from Fort Wayne, IN, where I got 4 new tires for the Tracker the next morning.

From there I made my way to Peoria on an interesting back highway. I stayed at Yogi Bear RV Park which was all but deserted. During the summer, I'm sure it's jammed. They had a real swimming pool with a 10 foot deep end. Too bad it wasn't warmer. I made plans with Kathie Quisenberry, my long lost niece, to have lunch the next day with her husband Dan, and her brothers, my nephews, Mike and Tom. What a fun time we had at lunch! They are such a warm, funny, and welcoming family. Dan had to go to work, but that was OK; we knew we would continue at dinner that evening.

I took the boys with me to the Reagan Museum at Eureka College which was just up the road in Eureka, IL.

I had scanned a bunch of pictures that happened to be of Kathie and the Gaede family while I was visiting Michael. We traded stories and information about the pictures, and then I gave copies to Kathie, Mike, and Tom. This is a picture of me and Kathie; she's always been special, because we share the same birthday.

This is Mike, Kathie, and Michelle, Kathie's daughter.

This Cloey and her little sister Sarah, two of Michelle's three daughters. This is Tom and his wife Cheryl. They have twins who are grown.

We wanted to do a group shot, so Kathie and Mike demonstrated all their techie abilities by taking a delayed time shot. Kathie did it with her computer and Mike with his Cannon camera.

I left Thursday morning headed for home. I stopped in St. Joseph, MO last night with the intention of continuing on this morning, but it was raining so hard, I decided to stay another day. As soon as I paid for my space, it quit raining. Oh well, on the road again tomorrow.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rain, rain, go away!

I've been here at Conneaut on Lake Erie for three weeks tomorrow. Most of the time it has been raining; however, I did manage to get pictures on the good days. During one of the storms, lightening apparently struck this tree in the neighborhood.

Actually the crazy weather afforded me some interesting photo ops. I was lucky to catch this wave.

These guys are having a meeting or maybe they're contemplating lunch. This is a wildlife refuge along the shoreline close to the marina.

I'm a sucker for seagulls, and it was a perfect day for them to play or exercise.

Mike and I went to the Wine and Walleye Festival in Ashtabula last weekend. The day was gorgeous, so I took a lot of pictures. This is the inlet to the harbor.

This is the drawbridge on the way into downtown where the festival was held.

I just had to get one of these wine cork candle holders. The vendors stretched for two blocks with all sorts of crafts and foods.

I've been trying to get some good pictures of Mike and Toni's Schnauzers, Diego and Jester, but, so far, I haven't been too successful. My window of opportunity is closing, so I better get busy.