Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog Interruptus

 Sorry about that, but my blog-writing program cratered, so I had to switch to another one.

A week or so ago, Norma, Nancy, and I went to the University of California's experimental farm outside of Holtville, CA. We had a great educational tour and luch of salad (what else!) and homemade ice cream at the end of the tour. This first picture is of two assistants harvesting alfalfa. The driver looks like he's going into space, but they said it was to protect him from itchy, flying alfalfa.
There were about two wagons, or 80 people, on this tour. We got to pick our own veggies: cabbage, cauliflower, brocolli, radishes, iceberg, romaine, and I probably forgot some others.

My favorite: kapusta!

Last Friday, I went up to Brenda outside of Quartzite to visit my friends Rex and Judy at Desert Gold RV Park. The highlight of the trip other than visiting and Happy Hour was hiking the bumps in the desert. We hiked up Flag Hill adjacent to the park. This is a picture of Rex and Judy at the top.

Then I had to sign the log book and be presented with my Indian tear, a little black rock. Then Rex took a picture of me and Judy.

The park is nicely laid out and each site has a palm tree.

These are some huge saguaros that they obviously built the park around.

 On Sunday, we traveled out to Palm Canyon a little south of Quartzite. We hiked up a beautiful canyon and up in a crevice on two different occasions, there were palm trees tucked into a protecte spot.

I got back Monday afternoon, and my friend Ginny came in on Tuesday afternoon. She took me to Applebee's for my birthday dinner a day early. On Wednesday, our singles group had a meeting at the pizza place at Coyote Wash. They sang "Happy Birthday" to me, and gave me lots of cards. Norma bought me a Chardonay that was a great start to celebrating. She also gave me a beautiful hand-made card. Marvin Kerr, our resident artist, gave me a beautiful signature birthday card. Yesterday was his birthday.
This was my birthday cake from the pizza place. I think that's a question mark in the middle.
Yesterday Ginny and I went down to Alagadones. She got a pancho for her grandson in Hawaii who recently broke his arm, so she thought that would be something easy for him to wear. Ginny asked this gentleman about his unusual hat and I took their picture. I think the guy thought we were nuts.

The front of the hat says "Old Age Combat Hat." Then we went to Lutes Casino in Old Yuma for lunch. It's full of all sorts of memorabilia.

Ginny hung around this morning waiting for the car wash people but they had a truck break down, so they never made it and she left around 10 headed for Desert Hot Springs where we visited last spring. Aloha, Ginny!

Continuing the Fun

     I’ve been busy having fun, and it doesn’t necessarily include downloading pictures and posting my thoughts to this blog. It’s also called being lazy. My newest, best Canadian friend Norma had an impromptu Christmas Eve happy hour at her park model. Here we are toasting Christmas.

christmas eve hh2

My longtime friends Cathy and Bob Raner invited me to sit at their table for Christmas dinner at the rec hall. This picture is of their best friends and Bob’s cousin to the far right. Her name is also Cathy, so there are two Cathy Raner’s here at Pioneer RV Park.