Sunday, December 23, 2012

At Home in Arizona

On December 1, or there about, I moved into my new place at Mission View RV Resort. Ginny, Linda and Colin are more or less responsible for this move, and I'm very thankful. I think Marshall and Tux like it too. The clubhouse is really nice and boasts an indoor pool and spa which I have yet to try.

My new acquisition came with bedroom furniture, a huge television, and a washer and dryer. I've never had a complete bedroom suite, just a combination of antiques. The TV is going to Goodwill, and I'll deal with replacing it after the holidays. As you all know, I'm not a TV watcher. The laundry equipment is fairly new and front-loading.

Just empty space. Need to visit the furniture store.

The boys have a completely fenced yard, but Marshall figured out how to unlatch the gate, so now it's bungee-corded. They think they're in jail. Poor babies!

This was the craft fair put on by the park to raise money for one of their charities. All the craft-makers are extremely talented. The fellow with the Arizona tee shirt on is my neighbor Steve. He and his wife Mary live next door. He and a fellow named John (whose wood art is displayed in the next picture) helped me and Ginny unload the U-Haul last Sunday. Only a week ago. Wow! Mary had back surgery last Tuesday and seems to be doing well.

This is my Christmas angel. Her lights blink off and on. I love that crazy old Christmas tree. Gary won it at a Rotary silent auction. It was covered with tools. It's completely indestructible.

My furniture came on Thursday. The bed for the guest room won't be delivered until the end of the month.Those of you who have promised to visit me please make note of that.

Marshall is looking all pissed off, because he's tested the furniture to see if it's comfortable, and been told that's a NO-NO.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More Sweetwater

I guess you might say I could watch the ducks all day. Ginny's brother-in-law Colin has seen 17 new birds for him between the rv park and the refuge.

In New Mexico, we call this Mormon tea. The blossoms blow into my garage and make a mess when the door is open. Guaranteed to make you sneeze.

I learned that this guy is an American coot, as opposed to an old coot which is what I normally encounter. I don't see any webs on his feet. They look rather interesting.

Since coming to Tucson, I've spent a lot of time walking the trails along the San Luis River bed and over at Sweetwater Bird Refuge. Oh, and the sunsets are as spectacular as ever.

This was taken at the Tucson Mall outside of Macy's. I thought the cactus shadow looked like fingers.

A new bar coming to the mall. This was the same day I had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

A view of the Catalina Mountains from Sweetwater.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sorry for the technical interruption. I thought the tower was the most interesting part of the church. The bottom picture is a train building that might be on private property and maybe not, because the railroad track is across the street. Gary and I always wanted to take one of those buildings and convert to a house. Didn't happen, but we had a great life anyway!

Last Weekend

I guess I forgot I was supposed to post sunrises and sunsets. I don't take too many sunsets because of the utility poles, and I posted my sunrises on Facebook. This past weekend I spent in Albuquerque visiting my family before I take off for my winter vacation. On the way home, I stopped in San Antonio and took pictures along the bosque and anything else that caught my fancy. It was a fun afternoon.

When I was cropping this picture, I noticed the real "star" in the bottom left corner. But, getting back to the two-leggers: Tammy, me, Marty and Sky. Tammy showed Sue and I her pictures from Germany and Amsterdam. Really interesting!

I guess this is the picture Sky put on FB. None of us can do without our sunglasses. It was a gorgeous day with my gorgeous girls. Poor Marty had to put up with us along with the dogs who alternately wanted attention and to be left alone.

Parker and Tuxedo love to pose.

Susie's spectacular mums. I also took pictures with my ipad, but I'll post them later.

Now on to San Antonio.

The clouds were wispy things.

I did some creative post-processing on this one. Learning something new every day is what life is all about.

These cottonwood trees will be brilliant gold and orange on a couple of weeks. Perhaps I'll be able to find some in Sabino Canyon.

I don't know what this that attached itself to this dying cottonwood. Would like some input if anyone knows. Maybe a wasp nest?

No signs to identify the church. Maybe it's non-denominational.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Poor Lake

It's water-deprived; even with some of the nice rains we've had. I have never seen it quite this low.

This is the butte, but instead of blue water, there's nothing but sand from this angle.

I took the pictures from the island where they set off fireworks; except, it's no longer an island.

I guess I got carried away with sky. The clouds were spectacular, and we did get some rain.

Looking south toward the marina.

My poor lonely Tracker dwarfed by sky and sand.

I almost hated to post these pictures, but the story needs to be recorded. Because of the clouds, we're getting some spectacular sunrises and sunsets. I'll post some of those in the next few days.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Thank God for the rain, even if it did put a damper on Elephant Days. Starting late yesterday afternoon and continuing through the night, it alternates between a steady light rain and a drizzle. I did get my walk in early this morning without getting wet. I didn't go to the parade and have not been to the event site yet. I'll do that tomorrow morning; after all, how long can it rain in New Mexico? Forty days and forty nights?

This is the rain on my dirty kitchen window.

This was taken through the storm door window. You can see the reflection of the trees in the backyard on the wet patio.

This is the geranium that I saved by putting chicken wire over the pot, so the rabbits couldn't eat it. I think I'll take it with me this winter.

Since monsoon season started, I've been trying to get a half way decent picture of some raindrops. These are on the leaves of my purple plum tree. When I get around to taking some pictures of the lake, you'll understand why I'm so excited about this rain.