Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fun Times

Norma and Quinten wanted to give me my birthday card before they left for Hawaii, so we joined Barb and Bernie for burgers at the VFW a couple Monday nites ago. This was my card and gift.

She does such beautiful work! On my actual birthday, Bernie, Barb and I went shopping and then to the Chinese restaurant.

I signed up to go 4-wheeling last Friday and invited Bernie to go with. I warned the group that I had never done it before, but they told me not to worry; they'd help. On the way out, we stopped for a potty break, and I got a picture of a skyscape that I dubbed "cotton balls."

Then there was this memorial in the middle of the desert and some fields. Someone put a lot of work into it.

Not too far from there, we switched to four wheel drive. On the first arroyo crossing, the leader came back to  make sure that I negotiated it with no problem. When I pulled up behind the jeep in front of me, the ladies jumped out  and yelled, "Woman Power." Too much fun! Our first stop was a hike up to a cave that had crystals on the ceiling and walls. Here's part of the group at the entrance. You'll notice we had a four-legger along.

This a mine entrance that has been well-marked.

Then we went to another mining area, but what I found so interesting were these rock formations. The first one looks like someone's bare butt :). The other one is the result of major water and wind erosion.

After lunch, I realized that most of our group were serious rock hounds. I found some pretty rocks, and naturally took some pictures. Here's a saguaro with a twisted arm.

Is this an example of siamese twins?

Several of us held up the procession to take a picture of this crazy-looking guy.

When we went through our last major arroyo, several people jumped out to take pictures. As Pam says,
"This doesn't the half of it!"

I don't know if Bernie is getting ready to laugh or cry. Here's a shot of the guys behind climbing out.

I'm off again this Friday to Baker's Tanks with the group from Pioneer. I drove into the base this afternoon to get the permit for Barry M. Goldwater Range. Stay tuned for more adventures!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The New Year

The trip to Chandler on December 30 was uneventful and the weather gorgeous. We went to the Elephant Bar for lunch, and I got to open a late Christmas present from Tammy and Bob which was a velour stylish warm-up outfit with matching earrings. I wore it for New Year's Eve. On Saturday on the way to Scotsdale to visit Jim and Alice, we stopped at the Fashion Mall that had free garage parking. The Z something store was fun. If I were still into decorating, I would gotten these glass flowers.

This guy doesn't need to be walked or fed and he was so-o soft.

Jim, Tammy's boss from year's ago, and Alice's home was beautiful. They had friends visiting from Las Cruces, so we had a lot of fun swapping travel stories. That evening, Tammy had made a 7 o'clock reservation at Carrabas, but when we got there, it was so noisy, that we opted for some goodies and drinks to be consumed in Bob's room. We made it to where they drop the ball in Times. Tammy was a big help walking the dogs and loading up the next morning. The saguaro cactus west of Stansfield were some that I always wanted to get a picture of.

I made a trip to Niland, CA and the Slabs by the Salton Sea, and to bring my friend Bernie her mail. She had been boondocking in her Scamp since Christmas.

Before you enter the area is a world-famous man-made mountain that I just had to get a picture of.

Yesterday I went to the Bikers' Beer and Burger Bash at the Palms RV Resort. They had a good band from Prescott, and we all had a good time. This was Norma and Quinten's idea, and as you can tell by the pictures: a damn good one.

In the first picture, Norma is negotiating the poolside on her way back from the bar. Here she and Quinten are chowing; I think she's saying, "Yea, the sun is shining." It was unusually cloudy and cool.

This is the group complete with jackets to keep warm. Good friends, beer, and burgers. What more could you ask for? Probably pictures of the bikes that I didn't take.