Monday, June 27, 2011

After a week on the road. .

This was our first  night's stop at the Country Club RV & Golf Resort. Perhaps about 20 years ago. The golf course next door is great, but the RV park is mostly permanent residents and had slowly gone to seed. Our second night was Weatherford west of Ft. Worth where we experienced a fierce thunderstorm during the evening which did not make Marshall happy. The next day getting across Ft. Worth/Dallas was relatively easy. The third night we stayed at the Cinamon Creek RV Park in Minden, LA. This was a really pretty park, but there was  no manager on site, so I had to call a number that a very nice camper gave me. Our last night out before getting to Pensacola was at Meridian, MS at a very nice park with very nice personnel. I arrived in Pensacola a little after lunch on Friday. My Garmin died after it got me through Mobile, so I had to get out my Pensacola map and find my way. The rv park is really nice and some of the work campers jump started the Tracker for me, because the battery was dead when we disconnected it from the rv. I think it's that dome light that doesn't always go out that caused it.
These are pictures from the rv park. It is extremely picturesque here, and I have more pictures and commentary to share. Saturday evening we had a really great dinner at Karen and Mike's and the picture below is of Darren and Jill.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Last Weekend

You all know I've got to be worthless if it take me a whole week to post pictures and thoughts from last weekend. After my RVing friends left, Marty and Sue arrived. Poor Marty had to put together the patio set that I bought in ABQ the previous weekend.

Of course this pictue was taken on Sunday morning before the kids returned to ABQ. On Friday we did some more "honey do" chores and Marty checked out the boat. Then we went to the Inn for dinner and carried a lot of food back home for snacks. We were on the water by 8 the next morning. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. The caught fish count was only 5: 4 white bass and a catfish.

We did some more exploring and found Steve Fakus' burger barge.

We were at the south side of Kettletop and I saw this off in a distance and took a picture of I didn't know what at the time, then we rounded the cove and lo and behold.

We also did our favorite thing of what I call "Bird Rock". Some guys were jumping off, but we weren't close enough to get pictures. I did a somewhat inane video; however, I don't have the patience for these things to upload.

It was a perfect day to be on the lake. When we got home, some down-time was in order, but Mom had been marinating teriaki beef chunks all day, and we put together some kabobs with corn on the cob for a great dinner.

After last weekend's fun, I'm now seriously planning my trip East, and plan to leave on Monday the 20th. The hardest part is making lists and making sure I don't forget anything.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun Visitors

Last week was busy with my normal puttering; I refuse to call it housecleaning and yardwork. Then on Wednesday afternoon, Judy and Rex arrived at Lakeside RV Park, but only after Judy's GPS failed her and she got stuck over in front of the butte, and damaged her car and camper getting turned around. I feel so bad; I know I should have given her specific directions. We discussed the whole thing over wine, and then went to the Inn for dinner.

On Thursday, I gave them a grand tour of our shrunken lake, and they gave  me a geocaching lesson. I found my first one with Rex and Judy's help. Judy is updating her log on Rex's back.

The two small pictures are from Rex's camera, and I stole them from FB. Judy and I are sitting at the display in front of Geronimo Springs Museum. And the other one is out at the lake.

We went to lunch at the Club; being a veteran golfer, Rex was impressed with the course. Judy and I took Rex back to his unit and Reuger his dog. Judy and I left for Chloride and some "girl time" that Rex insisted that we have. I drove the Tracker to see how it handled on the highway. I wasn't disappointed. Judy enjoyed the museum tour guided by the Edmund's daughter. After happy hour at my place and an intro to the geocaching site, we said our fond farewells until the next time we meet. It was a truly great visit. Oh, and I did order a GPS geocaching unit. I'm due to get it tomorrow. Just one more toy to add to my list.