Monday, October 12, 2009

Sierra County Weekend

Wow! I do have to pay attention to all of Sierra County, not just Elephant Butte. My friend Joy Arnold won two blue ribbons and one white for her photography at the county fair. I'm so jealous. My other friends Charlotte Hall and Paula Dilberto won for photography and digital scrapbooking. You all watch out next year.

Carman and I did the fair and then went to Dam Site for lunch. We got there too early, so I got to take some pictures of the squirrels. Lunch was extremely good: margaritas, Buffalo wings (I wonder why), and saying "hi" to Neal. Thank you God for such great weekends.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weekend Fun

I'm a little behind on my weekend fun, but here is a scrap page layout that I framed and gave to Carman from when his daughter visited for the weekend. We went to the Sierra del Rio Golf Course and ate at the Club on the outer deck. Chris, Carman's daughter. was shooting pictures of the beautiful scenery, as was I. After dinner, we took a dusk tour of the dam: not recommended.
The next day Deb and I went to Robbin's home on Berrenda Ranch between Hillsboro and Lake Valley. What beautiful scenery! We hiked the area and found pottery shards. I was more interested in taking pictures naturally. Robin served us a great lunch, and her birds entertained on cue. It was a splendid experience. Thanks again, Robbin.