Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

To the father's I have known:

This is my Grandfather Sulecky with my dad Jim Snyderwine. My grandfather died when I was about a year old and this is the only picture that I have.

This is my dad at our house on Stambaugh Avenue in Sharon, PA. The house was completely remodeled in the early 50's. My parents sold it in 1957 and we moved to Sharpsville, PA, a mere three miles away, but it meant that I had to change high schools in my junior year.

This is my uncle Jack Snyderwine, my dad's oldest brother. He never married and was never a father; however, he had lots of nieces and nephews that thought the world of him. At his funeral, we found out why he never married: evidently, he was engaged when my Grandfather Snyderwine was accidentally killed. Since he was the oldest, he had to become the head of the family of at least ten children. He's standing in front of the apartment and garage that was attached to my Aunt Margarite Porrecca and Uncle Ollie's house where he lived with my grandmother.

This is my children's father, Fred Gaede, back in his motorcycle days. This long before we met, probably even before he went to Korea.

This is Fred's dad. His name was also Fred. He worked for the Erie Railroad. That was his corner where he read the newspaper and watched television and monitored the comings and goings of the family.

This handsome devil is Edson G Loftus, my late husband Gary's dad. He was career Navy and served in WWII. After retirement, he became a physics professor and taught at a college in Jacksonville.

And, of course, my husband Gary, also Edson G Loftus. He was a wonderful father to my children and to his son Barclay. Here he is sailing the Sea of Cortez.