Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yucca Time

All of the desert flowers were exceptional this, starting in February in the Arizona desert. I've never seen the ocotillo as lush as they were in my neighbor'a yard. Last year I had 18 yucca in my backyard. This year I only had 6. This is the yucca outside my garage door. When I took the shot, I didn't realize I was getting a lady bug and spider web. Can't fault dumb luck!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

St. David, AZ

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I visited Holy Ghost Monastery which has an RV campground. It's a very quiet restful place with lots of trails to explore along the San Pedro River. The best part of the trip was experimenting with taking pictures not using the auto setting on my camera. The first pictures are of the grounds and buildings. 



This is a statue of St. Benedict as it is a Benedictine monastery.

These were some glass grapes attached to the tree for what reason, I haven't a clue.

Beautiful restful meditation garden

This was a dead tree along the hiking path. The designs in the bark caught my eye.

The San Pedro River runs north to south out of Mexico. In this case, it's subterranean right behind the monastery. About 20 miles south, I got these shots along the river and bird refuge.

This is a bark pattern that caught my eye. Don't know the name of the tree.

Just more strange pieces of bark.

The following pictures were taken at Ramsey Canyon outside of Sierra Vista.

Mule deer

Tree lips

Tree huggers

Time to get busy on some scrapbooking projects and ignore those pesky wabbits.

Where did May go?

Well, here it is the middle of June and I've no excuse but laziness. Marty and Sue came the weekend before Mother's Day, and we did our first boat trip of the season. We did some exploring, played with a couple of fish and called it a day. Marty planted my Mother's Day cactus. It bloomed before they brought it, but it's the perfect addition to my new cactus garden.

These are my new ones that bloomed so beautifully, but only lasted a few days.

This is my rose that I photo-shopped. The rabbits are eating my rose bushes too.

Will get back to posting my St. David trip shortly.