Friday, August 14, 2009

Busy Week

Wow! Where did the time go? Marty and Sue will be home at dinner time and have requested "Chicken a la Doll". Not a problem. Besides, it will make the house smell good, and with the rain, the temps been a little cool today. It rained all last night and most of this morning, a really nice steady rain. That ended my watering chores.

Wednesday was Skyler's 17th birthday, so I went to her BBQ, and took pictures of her friends. Yesterday, we went to the Botanical Gardens and really enjoyed the Castle, Butterfly cage, model train setup, and the Japanese Gardens. We went to Monroe's for lunch, and walked it off in Old Town. We both got a lot of nice pictures. We almost didn't go, because the rain was threatening; however, by 11 AM, the sun was out and things were warming up.

I thought I would be taking a lot of pictures of the dogs, but the opportunity never presented itself.

Busy Week

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My G-Dogsitting Vacation

Am I having fun yet? You betcha! As soon as I got here yesterday, it seems that another client was added to my hair coloring schedule. Tammy decided to finish up her birthday present. I was supposed to color her hair as part of her birthday hair cut, but Annette, the hair dresser, cautioned against it. Yesterday, we carefully went against her advice, and Tammy is smiling, because her hair didn't come out green or purple. Susan got her hair done in anticipation of their trip to Ohio to see Fred and Norma, hence my g-dog-sitting gig. Bob and Rose (bottom right) came over to say "goodbye" before they leave for Casa Grande for a while. Tuxedo T(rouble). Loftus (top left) is getting groomed tomorrow at 9 while I run my errands. I'll have to take an "after" picture. The picture of the crest and the rose are just some fooling around with the camera.