Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Since everyone was coming to Elephant Butte, I decided to escape to ABQ. Shortly after I arrived, Marty and Sue and I went to O'Neill's for lunch. It's a fun Irish pub with a patio where patrons can even bring their dogs. They even provide water.
I did some shopping and actually found some patio furniture (table, chairs, and umbrella) for a reasonable price. Loading them in my Highlander and tying the table on the roof rack was a challenge, but I made it home OK even in windy conditions.

Saturday, I met Bob and Tammy for breakfast. Bob is leaving for Israel for six weeks. I guess Tammy and Sky are going to have to learn how to cook all over again. I'm sure he'll have some great stories to tell when he gets back.

Sunday was race day. Both the Indy 500 and the Nascar race had exciting finishes. Poor Jr.! Oh well, there's always  next week.

I was relaxing on the hammock in Sue and Marty's backyard, and Tux decided to join me.

On Sunday the grandkids two doors down from Marty and Sue decided to challenge Marty to a water balloon war. I'm not sure who won, but I'm grateful that the neighbor in the middle didn't call the police. Everyone had a lot of fun getting creative: Marty most of all, because he resorted to the hose at one point. Here's a picture of "Water Balloon Man."

The big kid knows how to grill up some great food.

                                          Shrimp and Veggie Kabobs

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Toys

april 16 045

Did I get lucky or what? I found the toad of my dreams parked in front of old Blue Waters a couple Saturdays ago. It’s an ‘04 Chevy Tracker 4 wheel drive. Yesterday Charlie installed the tow package, and I’m good to go RVing in style. I haven’t let the boys in it yet. It just means I’ll have to clean dog fur out of two vehicles.

april 16 044

april 16 046

april 16 053

It looks like Tux’s caught in the middle of a yawn. Reba came over one day last week and we cleaned the screens and windows on the house. Hopefully, on Thursday we’ll do the ones on the RV, and then all I lack is a good wash and wax job. I’ll probably also need three new batteries before I leave. Such is the joys of toys!

In the meantime, I’m working with old photos and digital scrapbooking projects. When I can’t stand that, I actually clean house and water bushes and flowers. Sometime this week, if I hold my mouth just right, Darwin might come over and install my new cooler. Good thing it hasn’t been unbearable. I’d really like him to get it up, so I can park the Tracker in the garage.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother’s Day Weekend


What a full three days of fun! Marty and Sue arrived before noon and we scoped out the projects that I had lined up. Poor Marty. At least the work keeps him occupied and out of trouble. I agreed to have the oleanders cut down now that they were showing green shoots. He did it with a power trimmer that was noisy and scary. Clean up was labor intensive.

Friday evening we went to the Inn for dinner. Naturally, we ran into Eddie and Mo and the rest of the crew. The food was great and they had a one man band, Derah Vaughn, who played country, contemporary, and Celtic. Too bad Brock wasn’t here.

Saturday morning we went out on the boat and had a grand time fishing. Since I am now old enough, I can fish for free, but didn’t get a chance, because Sue and Marty were catching them left and right literally from each side of the boat. At first Marty was driving and I was taking pictures. Then the fishing got busy, so I had to drive. They ended up getting 17 fish in all: 16 white bass and one walleye. It was a “catch and release” day, but next time, we’re going to save some to eat.



We were exploring to some of our favorite spots to see how they looked since the water is down. I have taken several pictures over the years of this rock. Marty claims he would like to jump off. I maintain that he’ll have to get to the top first. I’ve nicknamed it “Bird Rock” since there’s so much white stuff on one side.

I also have several pictures of this “eye” taken over the years. I’m going to have to put together a collage, because they are taken at different times of day and year.

We traveled around the butte, and on the east side it was very shallow, but we did get to see the goats, first time in a long time. They sure looked well-fed.

I also got a shot of a turtle ( actually three were there) sunning himself.


That evening Sue made cottage cheese salad for dinner with sour dough bread. Deb joined us for dinner and drinks. It was a fun evening.


The next day was Mother’s Day and we continued with more yard work and planting flowers in my pots and containers. My present from Marty and Sue was a set of wine glasses. I wonder why? Tammy and her family sent me a card that had something funny to do with drinking wine. My son Michael in Ohio called, so it was an outstanding time. Thanks guys.