Friday, April 13, 2012

A trip down memory lane

Of course Tucson looks nothing like it did back in 1958. I wanted to ease my way into the city proper, so I visited Saguro National Park first. I missed a guided hike by a few minutes; no loss, I took my trusty map and guided myself in the car, not on foot this time, except to get out of the car for a photo. It wasn't the perfect time of day for pictures, but what's a girl to do.

There are a lot facilities for picnics, hiking and reunions. Of course, every post has to have a dead tree.

After I headed toward the city, it really wasn't far: maybe five miles, I was reasonably certain of where I was going. WRONG! I almost ended up in Oro Valley, which wouldn't be half bad because I have some friends who live there. But I'm too anal to digress, so I finally found Sacred Heart Church where my children's father and I were married. The area has deteriorated and the whole place looked a little deserted and sad. The main door had been moved to the east side and was locked.

I drove around the corner and think I found the place we used to live, but couldn't be sure.

Back at the park, I found a new friend who was looking foe a space.

Some years ago, there was a water slide in the middle of the park, but the owner decided it was too much trouble, so this is a remnant.

Nostalgia will continue later. I'm off to plant my flowers before the wind gets too fierce.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Keeping Busy

I went to Albuquerque for Easter weekend visiting the family. Before I left, I went for my walk around the neighborhood. This is the yucca after the bud opened.

This belongs to the neighbor around the corner. The sky was as compelling as the bud.

This bunny wouldn't run off, so I took his picture.

The cactus flowers are blooming in everyone's yard. This is one example without boring you with all my pictures.

The red solo cup was sighted headed for a big empty lot, but got stuck under this bush until the next big wind comes this afternoon.

Easter afternoon, Tammy, Bob, Sky and I took a stroll through the bosque. The cottonwood trees are budding. These are good examples of the terrain.

I can't help it; I love to take pictures of dead trees. A lot of us camera hounds do.

This little guy was sunning himself. I figured his claim to fame is his big claws.

Thank God for Mother Nature. She does good work.

This was one of Sue and Marty's tulips. Tuxedo and Marshall loved the soft grass in the backyard. Marshall wouldn't pose, but here are Tux and Parker.

One of these days I'll get back to travel pictures.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

San Xavier del Bac

On Wednesday the 29th of February, I left Ajo and took the old highway across the Indian reservation. It was a beautiful trip; the desert was lush with spring growth. As I neared Tucson, I found the park that I was looking for, Desert Trails. I checked to find out how close the trail head was to my camp site for the days I planned to do some hiking. The next day I went to San Xavier del Bac to tour the church. It has been almost completely restored and is quite impressive as you will be able to tell from the pictures. These are two views of the exterior.

This is the entrance to the Baptistery. Evidently they kept these rooms locked. All the old mission churches had them.

The colorfully painted wall is part of the restoration. This a depiction of the founder San Xavier.

This is a loft toward the top front of the church. There are areas of the walls that show shiny solid black. The restorers left these so you could see what it looked like before they got to the real surface.

Congresswoman Gifford's mother is an artist who has been very instrumental in the restoration. There were two lions at the foot of the altar. A homeless man who was living in the church in the 80's thought they were devils, and took them out behind the church and burned them. Our restoration artist commissioned some artists in Mexico to recreate them, and she did the gold gilding.

 I took a lot more pictures and could go on forever, but if you ever get down that way, you need to take the tour. There was a grotto on a hill to the north dedicated to St. Bernadette. However, I found the prairie dogs more interesting.

Just can't help myself.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh the WIND!

Since I've been home, we've had a few days of wind which have produced some comic results. These were taken on my morning walk.

Someone's red solo cup escaped!

You can barely see the dusting of snow in the rose garden which was moved last week. The area is soon to be a cactus garden. The birds miss the rose bushes.

More snow in front courtyard. Typical Spring!

Plastic patio table perched in mesquite tree on Skyline Rd.

Beautiful yucca bud: the owner was standing there when I took the picture. I saw yesterday that it has since bloomed, but didn't have the right camera with me. You notice how particular I am.

I had to check the water level out at Dam Site Marina. Since this picture, they've started releasing water for irrigation, so this will probably be the highest point unless there's more snow melt or, an unlikely thought, a torrential rain. I might massage this pic; I can see the reflection of the butte and some clouds.

Speaking of clouds! I'm a sucker for them every time.

This is one of the squirrels playing in the rocks. You can just see the other squirrel's tail under his front paws. It's fun to feed and watch these guys antics.

This is how the river looked before they started letting out the water. In the next segment, we'll get back to Tucson.