Monday, October 20, 2014

Looking Back

Seventy-five years ago my Mom and Dad, Helen Sulecky and James Snyderwine, were married at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Sharon, PA. It was a simple ceremony after the 5 AM mass. There is no picture of them on that day, but the one of Mom in what looks like a suit and Dad in white shirt and dress pants will have to do. There is no one that I know of that is still alive who could tell me anything more. My parents told me exactly what appears on the marriage certificate. They laughed a lot about getting married at such an ungodly hour. I find it interesting that there is no reference to the Holy Seal of Matrimony. It looks like a certificate that any duly vested person would fill out. Another interesting aside is the fact that my Dad's parents, Mary Kimmet and John Snyderwine, were the first couple to be married at St. Joseph's which was the parish that we ended up at when they moved to Stambaugh Avenue.

If my parents were still alive, Mom would be 93 and Dad 98. From my observation as the oldest of three children, I feel they had long and happy marriage.

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