Friday, February 20, 2015

The Accidental Nursery

I know it's a crying shame, as any meteorologist will tell you, that while the East is suffering freezing temperatures, out West we have had a beautiful winter along with an appreciable amount of rain. So my agave have been showing me how happy they are. Much to my surprise, I just noticed these babies two days ago.

Last evening, I actually had to put down my wine glass and take some pictures of their glorious progress. This is a close up of the fellow below. Well, I don't know whether he's a fellow; don't know how to tell plant sex.

I've  named this lady Tiger for her stripes. If you look closely at the picture below, you can see that she has a baby that is budding directly beneath her. The thin pine needle-looking things in the rocks are from the palo verde tree directly overhead.

A little closer look at the baby bud.

This is another different type with sharp looking shiny leaves. She has two babies as well, but they are not showing any flowering.

The pot to the left has a baby agave in it. It was on my patio, but I decided to bring it down to join its cousins. Hope to show off some flowers when the time is right.

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