Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tax Day is Special

Dear Gary,

     I suppose you know everything I'm going to tell you, but you know how I like to write. It makes
me feel better and maybe think deeper. There's a special reason why I'm writing you today, but that will come at the end.

     I need your advice. I'm trying to sell the house in Elephant Butte...have been for two years. The economy is down; the lake is struggling, as are all lakes out West; and the future of the Space Port is in question. Remember the time we were selling the lease lot property at Lost Canyon? We had it listed with Marlene at Homesteaders and we weren't getting any offers, so we decided to raise the price. Marlene thought we were nuts. She probably didn't know that we had both sold real estate in our crazy employment past. It took the listing from ordinary to something of interest, and she got an offer and sold it that week. I listed our house with Homesteaders even though Marlene has moved to Albuquerque and Cathy Vickers has taken over. La Neer Wrye has her own company Cripple Creek Realty, but she couldn't sell it either. So now I have it on Craig's List. If you get any bright ideas, send me a sign. Write something across the sky.

     The media talks about nothing and everything these days. They manufacture the news: whatever they want to talk about and basically ignore things that are truly happening. And they want to know everyone's opinion on everything. What did you think? How did you feel? There's a lot of looking back, especially over the past 50 years. One of the hot topics is the South in the 60's. I bet you could write a book on that. I'll never forget the day that you explained to me why you left the South and moved out West. Events are being rehashed and you hear remarks like: "How could they treat people that way?"; "I never knew that!". Many books and movies have been done, but they are generally slanted to the author's agenda. Still it should give those kids who hate history a little insight. The government has created laws to try to help the less fortunate. Sometimes they are enforced; sometimes they are ignored. What the government is finding out is that you can't legislate people's feelings.

     Enough about my concerns and ramblings. I posted some pictures to remember your wonderful life: you and your Dad; one of our wedding pictures with us dressed in matching blue; dancing with your Mom at your parents' 50th wedding celebration; crossing the Baja in the Naomi James; and you and your faithful dog Chubs.

It's time for me to buy you a Corona and I'll have my Dos Equis. To your 72nd birthday Sweetheart! I love you.

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